Mindful Space Make-Up Options

The Mindful Spaces are set up throughout the week for two reasons. First, they offer you an opportunity to practice mindfulness while on campus most days of the week. They also offer you a variety of practices.

Because of class schedules, and unanticipated events, it is not always easy to fit them into one’s schedule. For that reason, students are provided a series of opportunities to make them up.

Mindful Space Make-Up Options are listed below and more will appear as we get closer to the end of the semester. Most are oriented around the experiential aspect of practice while some call for a more intellectual engagement. Because these options are not done in a facilitated environment, it is important that you follow the guidelines carefully so as to receive credit for the time you spend on them.


Mindful walking is a traditional mindfulness practice and one you can do anytime—whether walking a few steps or a long distance.

You may practice mindful walking to make up a Mindful Space by following the below instructions. Use the Mindful Walking Form (download it here) to receive credit.

1. Select a walking path that will take at least 10 minutes to walk. Th longer the better. Note that you will be walking a little more slowly than you usually do. You may use to daily walk, e.g., to and from the Metro, or a parking garage.
2. Walk the path mindfully using one of the specific methods set forth on the Mindful Walking card that was distributed in class. You have two sides to the card and so may use this exercise to make up two Mindful Spaces.
3. Walk the path mindfully. You may click here and here for helpful general instructions on mindful walking and may contact me for specific on the different methods set forth on the card. Here is video of a short class discussion on mindful walking.
4. Complete the Mindful Walking Form immediately after finishing the walk, or as close in time as you can.