-- Science Daily, (March26, 2013), "Mindfulness improves reading ability, working memory, and task-focus"

Trio of articles by Judge Alan Gold, Harley Tropin, and Paul Singerman


Scientific American 60 Second Mind (Listen to podcast)


—Practice mindfulness as you choose.

—Complete the Spiral Exercise and bring to class.
Click here to download the exercise.

Mindful Ethics:
Professional Responsibility for
Lawyers in the Digital Age

Class Seven
October 10, 2017
Mindfulness Immersion

We are looking forward to your having the opportunity to immerse a little more deeply in mindfulness.

The readings for this week are four short pieces. One is on the science of mindfulness in an area that is likely of interest to you. There is a short podcast that reports on the research finding. There are also three articles by a federal judge, a trial attorney and a business law attorney.

As you read the pieces, please reflect on their connection to the life of the lawyer and the role mindfulness can play in relationship to conducting oneself ethically.

Please wear comfortable clothes as we may go outside to practice mindful walking, weather permitting.